Client Viewing


Client Viewing is now available for Registered Clients to be able to view Private Galleries in the Client Viewing area by entering a Username and password in the "Sign In" page of the website navigation.  If you want to become a Registered Client please fill out the registration form or contact me and I will create an account for you.  After you are registered please continue reading for login assistance.

-  At the top, right of my site click on (Sign In)

-  Enter your email address as the username ( the email address you provided us)

-  Enter your password (password you created or that I created for you) then click          Sign In

-  Once you are logged in, you should be automatically taken to the first (if there are      more than one) Private Gallery assigned to your account.  Also, your Private              Gallery  or Galleries should appear in the website Gallery Menu. If you are not            automatically  taken to your gallery, look in the top right of the website and  click      (Private) then  click on the album.

-  Once your album appears you will be able to leave comments and assign favorites.

-  After viewing your gallery please be sure to click the (Sign Out) link in the top right    corner.

Please contact me if you have any problems signing in or viewing your gallery.  Also feel free to share your log in information with anyone that you would like to show your gallery to.




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